Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Christmas presents I want right now!

I went shopping with my mum the other day, just in the small town where my Grandma lives, not amazing shops but hey it's life, and I got two new things from my mum. She's took them off me though, and vowed them the curse of christmas presents. The one thing I hate about shopping near christmas, seeing something you need then having to wait until christmas at least to get it! :/

But here they are, they are both from Peacocks, not the most amazing shop but has some good stuff now and then. :)

Chiffon Style Skirt - £12
Looks absolutely gorgeous colour wise & the
pattern is real nice when you view it for reals.

Nom nom new boots!
They're gonna look great
with the skirt & stuff! - £25

That's all I got, but there's plenty more times where we will be going out to bigger shopping places (eg. Westfield's) and properly shopping. Also I chose the free film instead of a £30 trip for our christmas school trip, so I've got £30 to buy something with to, this'll probably be for our non-uniform day coming up as well, I need some chino's!

What have you got your eyes on for Christmas (or earlier!)?


  1. I love it! ♥ I like your blog, if you want, we can follow eachother. :)

  2. cute post!!!
    love your style!!=D