Friday, 26 November 2010

But tonight, I'm gonna fly..

First of all, thankyou. Second, I'm sorry..
Thankyou to the new followers I have had recently, even though I've not been here for a month, you still felt a need to follow me & you wont regret that decision, thankyou very much :)
Secondly, to the people who were already following me, I'm sorry I've not been on in around a month. I've had a lot going on in my life, but I feel this will keep me happy & that by not going on this to blog about passions as such kept one of the happy things in my life away from me. And I'm glad I'm back.

So I'll quickly skim through my month & why I haven't appeared to blog. GCSE's exams, new puppy, basically about all my friends rejecting me (or it slightly felt like that), got a main part as Susan in the musical version of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe with my drama group & foolishly on top of that agreed to be involved in my schools winter drama performance. All of this has kept me pretty pre-occupied, but I have been thinking about this blog. I really have.

Rants aside. Lets talk about good stuff!
Christmas. All the adverts are coming on now, its certainly getting cold & frozen & I've still not gained an inch towards a better wardrobe. But I can dream.
Mostly all I want for christmas is money, to save up for the beauty that is either a Nikon d5000 or d3000.
nikon d5000

nikon d3000
If you know anything about these two cameras which one do you think I should get? Is it worth that extra money for d5000? That's the one I wanted originally anyway..

And here's some other cool extra stuff I want!
Nail Polish in Chocolate, e.l.f  - £1.50
Nail Polish in NEW Mango Madness, e.l.f - £1.50
I really need a new foundation brush, e.l.f - £1.50
Natural-looking false lashes, e.l.f - £1.50
17 Hide & Chic foundation in Soft Ivory
Foolishly got it in a shade too dark when I was in a rush
& it looks extremely wrong. Need a new one!
Yeah, this is basically make-up. But I never trust people in the hands of my clothes buying responsibility unless I'm with them. So I never ask for items for christmas cause it can easily go wrong, I just buy it with the money.

Obviously you know what my question is to be now, what do you want for christmas?


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